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The scientific research is becoming increasingly clear at describing what ancient traditions have known for centuries: psychedelic medicines are tools for discovering what is within us.

When used properly, medicines like Psilocybin, MDMA, Ketamine, LSD, and even Breathwork can help us to access difficult memories, repressed emotions, and pain within us.

With proper support and guidance, we can process and integrate these parts of ourselves and create inner freedom in the process.

These medicines are being used in clinical trials, private therapy, and retreat settings around the world to help permanently cure problems like addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

“Psychedelics, used responsibly and with proper caution, would be for psychiatry what the microscope is for biology and medicine or the telescope is for astronomy.”

– Stanislav Grof,
Pioneering Psychedelic Researcher

At Bonfire, We Support Your...

Personal Growth

Understand Issues
Define Your Goals
Chart a path forward

Mental Health

Get Peer Support
Access Resources
Understand Safe Use

Inner Discovery

Deepen Self-Awareness
Grow Spiritually
Understand Consciousness

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“Come grab your seat by the Bonfire”

Each week, we host a variety of virtual events that are carefully designed to help you explore altered states of consciousness, connect with your heart, and learn action-oriented ways to help you grow as a person.

Heart-Centered Community Gatherings

Our gatherings are a space to meet other members, share and hear stories of transformation and healing, and connect with your heart.

Led by our experienced facilitators to create a safe space for everyone.

Guided Inner Journeys & Integration Circles

Discover a gentle introduction to psychedelic experiences through guided techniques including Breathwork, Yoga Nidra, and Guided Visualization. 

Afterwards, we help you unpack your experience, integrate lasting changes, and remain accountable.

"We’re In This Together" ForumsTM

Meet other community members, discuss and ask questions about psychedelic experiences, and create meaningful connections.

Forums are moderated to help keep our community safe.

And much, much more...

Each week we announce new events and experiences based on the latest science and practices.

Whether you're new to altered states or a seasoned journeyer, we're here to help you unlock your next phase of growth and connect with your heart.

Why we’re different

We’re not a product, and we’re not a service. The Bonfire community is your home for transformational experiences, where you and others like you create amazing life journeys together.

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Jack's Story

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. I'd had multiple traumatic experiences that had put me into a constant state of anxiety and over-thinking. I was suffering terribly.

I read in an article that psychedelics like magic mushrooms were being used to help people heal OCD and other trauma disorders.

Since then I've been working with psychedelics, along with tools like breathwork and meditation to help me heal. These days I'm the most grounded I've ever felt. I feel in charge of my body and my mind.

Community has been the backbone throughout my entire healing process. I couldn't have done it without the right people to answer my questions, be there for me, and provide the support I needed.

That's why we exist – to make sure you're feeling supported as you do this work and that you're getting the answers you need to move forward.

– Jack, Lead Facilitator & Community Manager

Led by world-class facilitators

We're a team of coaches, therapists, and psychedelic journeying experts from around the world. We've come together to create what we call a "heart-project". Together, we create unique and special experiences with contagious warmth.

Simone MacKay

Soul Guide & Somatic Plant Medicine Integration Practitioner

Rooted in 25+ years of coaching, facilitating groups, and holding space for deep transformational journeys, Simone takes a trauma-informed and compassion-centered approach, holding space with a gentle grace so that one’s inner wisdom emerges and integration can occur.

Tim Sinnett

Mind-Body / Transformational Coach & Hypnotherapist

Tim has been a life-long seeker who is passionate about encouraging and empowering people to find and express their true selves in the world. He is the owner of MindBody Ops, and has worked in the transformational / wellness space for 20 years.

Fola Veritas

Plant Medicine &
Shamanic Practitioner

Fola is a trailblazer with a passion for supporting others as they navigate altered states. Having come from both the clinical and peer perspectives, she hopes to bridge spiritual and cultural approaches into her intuitive way of holding safe space for others.

Naomi Gaskin

Registered Psychotherapist

Naomi works within a trauma-informed, somatic, heart-centred approach. Blending her knowledge and experience, she works with stuck energies in the physical, mental and emotional bodies which she best facilitates within communities geared towards wellness and integration.

Jack Bunce


Community Organizer
& Peer Support Facilitator

Jack is the lead organizer at Bonfire. His personal experiences of managing and working to heal OCD, trauma, and anxiety have shaped his heart-centred approach to managing organizations and facilitating groups. His personal mission is to help others to heal and feel safe.

Annie Dolle


LCSW, Therapist

A lifetime of experience as a clinical social worker, seasoned psychotherapist, parent of teens, and lover of nature brings me here. I have the deepest appreciation for sharing space with other providers seeking personal/professional growth. Together we can grow in confidence and wisdom, critical to showing up for this work.

Mary Massaro

PsyaD, NCPsyA, SCPsyA

Mary incorporates decades of experience in traditional and alternative therapies. Her doctorate in psychoanalysis and her certifications in CBT, NLP, hypnotherapy, and trauma/resilience counseling offer a safe container to those seeking new life skills & perspectives. Mary’s passion and authentic approach help her patients realize greater empathy for themselves and others.


Yogi, Heartist, and Wellbeing Solutionist

A lifetime commitment to harmony is the foundation to Chocolako's philosophy, "less force, more flow". As a facilitator, Chocolako listens and shares knowledge that helps people pierce through barriers and overcome setbacks, compassionately and triumphantly. Her formal education includes a BSc, MPH, MBA and certifications in yoga, meditation, breathwork and reiki.

Douglas Rusk


Certified Therapist and Coach

What our members are saying

“This is like a gym membership, but for the soul”
Fredric (Montreal, Canada)

“My first session was very good. I did not expect to have such a good connection. It was really a very special space to share our experiences, and find a real human connection in this container. I'm looking forward to the next one and to getting more involved in the community.”

- Tomas P.


"I joined Bonfire with the aim to learn about best practices for Psychedelic Therapy and personal growth.  I found within our very first meeting not only competent people, but the most warm, passionate and ethical souls to share wisdom, experience and learning with. Cannot wait for our next meeting and the next module!"

- Dr. Madelein Walker

South Africa

“Hearing about the group's experiences makes this work feel safer. My friends and family know about my work with altered states but I don’t discuss it with them. It helps me feel more normal about it”

- Nel


"I've felt comfortable enough to share things here that I haven't shared with anyone else."

- Anonymous Member


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